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Napoleon Kutusov and Math

  Hello. I am a math teacher and writer. I just joined this community . I like math, history and art. I've been writing a lot  about a book series called “CAIUS ZIP – The Time Traveller”
The main idea behind the “CAIUS ZIP – The Time Traveller” series is to show the history made by great men and how mathematics and other subjects were important in their decisions. Caius Zip is a young man that participates in these discoveries and in the great battles. In each adventure, he acquires maturity and learns that to get out of trouble he must use his most important ability that he unknowingly uses very well: the power of deduction.
 Mathematics is always present in the solution of enigmas, tactics and decision making in epic battles and during the investigation of a mystery. 

I d like to invite you to read some page:

CAIUS ZIP, The Time Traveller,  IN:  
How some mathematical calculations can be crucial
for taking strategic decisions in this battle of empires
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