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This is how it happaned back then...

this is how I saw it now...

Borodino - battle reenactment

Well...yesterday I was in Borodino and vidited the unique re-enactment of the Great Battle of Borodino (Moscow battle) when in September 1812 two glorious armies clashed in one field to rule city of Moscow.

So, it is possible to say that these two great commanders met again :)

Napoleon     and     Koutousov


And I was was sooo beautiful!! All these people in old military form of the time of 1812, the infantry, the cavalry, cannons, the battle...everything was so wondertful!! I wish I could have such form too and take part in the re-enactment of the battle!! And this parades of Russian and French armies...

I made a lot of pictures of it this or the next week i will post them here! I look forward to it!! Anyway, tomorrow they will be ready and the day after tomorrow my mum will go to scan it...

...Allons enfants de la Patrie

Le jour de glore est arrive...

It isn't possible to say here what I saw and feel such way that other could feel what I feel. It is possible to feel it only if you go there..

It was an amazing trip. I go there already the second time and it is so much wonderful and interesting!!!

We were there the whole day since 7 am to 8 pm. But i wasn't tired, though we went about 15 kilometres. :) One day in the countriside from the whole summer lol but this day was one of the best days in this year!!

Well...the last thing... one year ago I bought little figurine of french soldier and this time I bopught russian one :) he is too beautiful!! =))) I could buy a whole army but it costs of course a lot - 2$ for one infantryman and 3$ for one rider...

So...till the next year. =))


Vive l'Impereure!!!

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