dirty hair and titty rings (jessex) wrote in napoleon_1,
dirty hair and titty rings

I was wondering if any of you would be able to direct me to a place where I can find some writings from around the period of the French Revolution(a few years prior is also fine, or if there's anything good before Napoleon started censoring)? What I have in mind are writings/pamphlets by St Just, Danton, Robespierre, Babeuf, Necker, Carnot...revolutionaries. I've read a lot about these and related people and the signifigance of what they wrote but haven't come across many of their actual pieces. Any websites or books that I should be aware of?

I noticed today that Danton is a member of the 27 club. 1767-1794...Don't mind me, I have a mild obsession with people who died at that age, thought it a neat fact for any others who share a similar fascination.

Also, does anybody know where I can find translations of Napoleon's early political writings, or the play that he wrote? (not sure if he ever finished it, but I still wanna check it out)

So far I'm not really a fan of War and Peace; it seems a little overrated to me. Then again, I'm not that far into it. Even if the story doesn't get better, I am determined to trudge my way through all 1000+ pages!

I don't think French Revolution posts are too off topic. Our guy is often referred to as the son of the Revolution ya know ;)
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